A gamer since NES X3Cody is the Founder/Owner of Skreyne, LLC and multiple other business ventures. X3Cody will be returning to streaming at Twitch.tv/X3Cody on a set schedule and posting to X3Cody.com on a very regular basis very soon so stay tuned for updates!


X3Cody on Twitch

View X3Cody's live Twitch broadcast right here on the Skreyne website or click HERE to head on over to Twitch and interact with chat, an attempt is made to respnd to everything that comes up in chat.
Be sure to leave a follow while you're there!

Schedule: TBD

X3Cody On Twitter

Epic tweets, or not, on a totally random schedule.
Everything from puppy pictures, to rants about games that just don't work the way they should, to informative reviews and product discounts.
Follow it all at Twitter.com/X3Cody

X3Cody on Instagram

So many pictures! X3Cody is very active on Instagram posting new content almost every day and sometimes multiple times in one day. A self taught photographer X3Cody brings his own style to every picture, see for yourself by clicking HERE

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