This is the title for all of our charitable endeavors, see below for a description of each individual initiative. 10% of every purchase made with us goes into the #SkreyneCares charity fund and will be distributed equally among the initiatives below. You may also donate any amount at any time directly to the fund where 100% of your donation will go to our charity initiatives.
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All of our initiatives are aimed at helping children to live happier and healthier lives. #SkreyneKids are the children that will directly benefit from your purchase and will be featured on our site and social media pages. Continue reading to see exactly how your purchase can help our cause and how your donations will be used to help children all across the nation.

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In the spirit of aiming to provide glasses to the children that need them we will use a portion of the #SkreyneCares fund to provide our glasses to schools across the nation. Technology is the way of the world and so technology is the new way to learn. We aim to provide glasses to every public K-12 school that teaches using computer and tablet screens. We also want to bring these great technological learning advancements to the schools that currently can't afford to have them by providing computers and tablets to schools in need.

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Going to college is a dream for many individuals and we want to make that dream a reality so we will use a portion of the #SkreyneCares fund to set up a scholarship fund that upcoming college students can apply for to lift the financial burden of getting the necessary education for their chosen career.

Donate to the #SkreyneCares fund today