Skreyne Team Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is for all member levels of the Skreyne Team and is the conduct that we expect and require for your partnership/sponsorship to remain intact.

By making you a representative of our brand we are entering into a mutual relationship to where the actions of one of us reflects directly onto the other. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard and we expect those associated with us to do the same.

That being said we want to allow you to still retain all creative liberty and freedoms and most of all we want you to continue having fun doing what it is that you are doing!

Here is a list of things that will get your partnership/sponsorship immediately revoked and render any future partnership/sponsorship requests denied regardless of the level that you are currently at in the Skreyne Team.

  • Any and all forms of physical violence that you participate in while at an event.
  • Any and all forms of banned/illegal substance usage.
  • Any derogatory remarks directed at any specific class of individuals.
  • Any form of sexism or racism. 
  • Any form of negative viewpoints or representation directly related to the Skreyne Eyewear brand.
  • Any intentional marketing for or affiliation with our competitors while affiliated with us.
  • Any negative verbal, written, or physical action directed at other Skreyne Team members.
  • Sexual harassment or assault directed at anyone, member or not, will not be tolerated and will not only result in immediate removal from the Skreyne Team but we will also exert all of our efforts in supporting the victim of these actions up to providing our full legal team free of charge to ensure that you are properly punished to the fullest extent of the law. (Do not test this.)
  • Messages with poorly written statements similar to or with the same definition as “Hey, give me some free stuff.”, there is a proper way to request items if you are at a level that has the potential to provide them. Please follow the appropriate method.

We firmly believe that avoiding these actions should be extremely simple and will not only help to keep our affiliation in tact but will show other organizations and businesses that you may interact with that you are someone who holds themselves to an acceptable and professional standard.

The general theme here is professionalism so we also expect our members to:

  • The term “rape” is highly offensive and we would prefer that it not be used in any way in any of your content or while attending events. Aside from the literal definition and in that instance it is expected to only be used in context and with discretion.
  • Win with class and humility.
  • Celebrate but not in a rude or overly obnoxious way.
    • No “What?! What?!” puffing your chest out and making aggressive gestures at the opposing team. That is disrespectful and makes all of us look bad.
  • If you lose, then lose with grace.
    • Losses happen to even the best so don’t react too negatively.
  • Try not to let your profanity get out of hand.
    • Minimal profanity shows respect to yourself, your team, opposing teams, the venue, and your sponsors. Represent yourself and your sponsors in the best light possible. This is primarily in regards to events as we understand that mature streams will contain mature verbiage. 
  • Keep your clothes on at events and in your published content.
    • If there is some reason to be in a swimsuit or if you are cosplaying a somewhat revealing character then this is viewed as acceptable.
    • Pulling your shirt/jersey off and swinging it around your head at an event is viewed as unacceptable. Being completely topless in content is also pretty frowned upon, regardless of your gender.
  • Don’t intrude on the personal space of other individuals.
  • Don’t let your smack talk get out of hand.
  • You don’t need to get pushy and “sell” our stuff, we just hope that you will “market” it to new customers by showing them how awesome our products are and by letting them know you can save them money with your unique code.
  • Don’t speak for us. 
    • If someone has a question about something like partnering or company information just tell them to head to for all of the answers and contact info they could ever need.
    • We wouldn’t want to put you or ourselves into the uncomfortable situation of a customer or reporter saying “But ______ said that….”
  • Maintain a generally clean and professional appearance.
    • Do your own thing and rock your own style, you just don’t have to do so while being dirty or overly smelly.
    • Shower, brush your teeth, deodorant. The simple things.
  • Don’t engage in any unsafe acts if avoidable. 
    • Basically we care about everyone on the Skreyne Team and we don’t want anyone getting hurt or being unable to continue working with us so this is just kind of a general guideline for life.


If you are sponsored at a level that provides you or your organization with an agreement of financial support or the potential for free items then please follow these guidelines:
If you are an individual (it is rare that we will financially sponsor a single individual but may at our discretion offer free or discounted products) then please submit a well drafted and professional email to us requesting the funds or products that you need. While doing this be certain to include:

  • Why you need the funds or products.
  • Where you or the products will be.
  • What the estimated level of exposure for our brand is.
    • Ex: “1,000 tickets to the event have already been pre-sold.” 

If you are a team or organization then it is expected that you will appoint a member to be the direct contact for all things regarding Skreyne Eyewear. This is recommended to be the leader of the organization/team. Follow the above guidelines for asking for financial aid or products just like an individual would but be certain to include information directly related to the team such as stats and roster along with the event information and team needs.

If we have an agreement to provide financial aid or free/discounted products to you or your organization but you need more from us then that is fine. Simply follow the general theme of drafting a clear and respectful email asking us for what you need. 
We may not be able to approve the increase but in certain circumstances we may choose to provide a temporary increase on a case by case basis.

If you are a partnered website or physical location that we have reached a retail agreement with then please refer primarily to the agreement for the code of conduct we expect and further information regarding our relationship. In general it is expected that as a retail outlet for our company that you will also adhere to the above code of conduct in a general sense.

We hope that you will find these terms fair and agreeable so that we may begin or continue a great partnership together and as always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns simply email us at 
Stay sharp team and always remember to #SkreyneYourEyes!

(If you do not agree to these terms then your partnership/sponsorship is to be considered terminated or denied immediately and you are to remove all forms of association with us 100% at your expense. If you agree to these terms but are then banned/removed from the Skreyne Team your agreement to this code of conduct binds you to take responsibility for removing any/all forms of association with us and covering 100% of the expense to do so yourself.)