X3Cody on Ark: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth Expansion Trailer

I love how Ark: Survival Evolved has gone from a pretty basic survive on an island with dinosaurs game to this ridiculous level of fantasy.

Ark has consistently brought us update after update to feed the desires of the community.  

I have personally put in hours upon hours into this game but my PC is only "decent" so I couldn't quite play on the graphics settings that I wanted to. That coupled with the other members on our server being total jerks and killing off all of my stuff when I was offline kind of drove me away from it.

After watching this trailer I will definitely be getting back into Ark: Survival Evolved very soon. I mean how could I not?! There are rideable dragons! I'll be streaming my experiences on my personal Twitch channel along with the ocassional "office" streams with TO_Flody and #SkreyneTeam member meetups on the SkreyneTV Twitch.

If you would like to read waaaaaaayyyy more about this expansion click HERE to read from a Techaeris.com post that goes into a ton of detail.

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