We have a problem...


So as some of you may have seen briefly there has been a very frustrating occurrence between us and our manufacturer. This is an issue that started months ago and has made growing our business properly impossible as we have been unable to launch our newest styles and have been unable to keep our current selection in stock.

The most recent issue is that we have been trying to get a shipment to us so that we can uphold commitments that we have made to multiple people and other businesses. Due to an error on the part of our manufacturer the shipment was delayed for weeks and then sent back to them without us ever seeing it. Then the manufacturer took over two more weeks to get it sent out again then another week of time shipping to finally arrive today.

Upon opening the package one of our new styles was missing and the Ultras had a completely incorrect logo and packaging with them. 

Due to this ridiculous turn of events we will no longer be doing business with the manufacturer we had been using so all of our products are going to be out of stock until we can work out a deal with a new manufacturer.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes for all of our customers and partners but this is absolutely necessary because a reliable manufacturer is vital for us to be able to properly do business and uphold our commitments.

We refuse to quit so we WILL find a way to make this work and we WILL be back to normal operations as soon as humanly possible.

During this time the #SkreyneCares fund will still be open for donations with 100% of the funds going to help children.

Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty.