#SkreyneCares Charity Initiatives and How You Can Help!

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I have always had a desire to help people ever since I was a child but never really had a way to make an impact on a grand scale like I do now as a business owner. Skreyne Eyewear was started with the mentality of helping people. I suffered from severe migraines, eye pain, normal headaches, insomnia , and dry eyes for years due to my heavy exposure to the harmful light frequencies from my screens. I found a solution in our competitor's products but I knew there was a way to do things better so I began forming the idea for Skreyne Eyewear and launched it less than a year after purchasing from our main competitor. I launched with the mentality of having lower prices while retaining the highest quality and style standards possible so people could not only protect their eyes but could feel good about doing it. Today I'm proud to reveal a host of new ways you can feel good about buying from us and how you can help me to help even more people, the most important of people... children.


This is going to be the primary calling card for our philanthropic (charity)  endeavors. The way this will work is that 10% of every single purchase will go into this fund and will then be divided up between a holding that we will keep through the year to help give low income families the ability to purchase Christmas gifts for their children, our #SkreyneSchool initiative, and our #SkreyneScholar initiative.

You don't have to purchase from us to make a difference either we will set things up so that you can donate any amount at any time right on our website with 100% of your donation going to the #SkreyneCares fund and being distributed directly to helping children live happier and healthier lives.


Not only will the #SkreyneCares fund be broken down as listed above, not only will 10% of every purchase go towards helping children all across the nation, not only will you be donating money to the great initiatives listed above and explained below but every single purchase of glasses will result in a child receiving a pair of our glasses completely free of charge. When you buy a pair they get a pair! This is something I have been planning from day 1 but didn't want to reveal until I knew we could make it work, I firmly believe that we can make it work and that together we can make a huge difference in the lives of the next generation.


This initiative will be an extension of our work directed at children and through this initiative we will use a portion of the 10% per sale and direct donations to provide our glasses to schools across the nation. Technology is the way of the world and so technology is the new way to learn. We aim to provide glasses to every public elementary and high school class that teaches using computer and tablet screens.  

"But what if a school can't afford computers and tablet?" might be your immediate question after reading that. We plan to use part of the #SkreyneCares fund to provide these essential technologies to the schools that need them.


Going to college is a dream for many individuals and we want to make that dream a reality so we will use a portion of the 10% per sale and direct donations to set up a scholarship fund that upcoming college students can apply for to lift some of the financial burden of attending college to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in their chosen career. This fund will grow and grow until the cut off date and then a new year of funding will begin once the scholarship recipient is chosen. 


As you can see we have very ambitious goals for our philanthropic (charity) endeavors but we can't make this happen on our own so head on over to our products page and #SkreyneYourEyes today! Not only will you be helping yourself but you will be helping children all across the nation. If you're not ready to purchase or already have and just want to help out a donation link will be added to our site no later than September 25th.

Thank you for reading and if you feel like donating directly click HERE!