Important Info for #SkreyneTeam Applicants

If you applied for the #SkreyneTeam from 6/01/16 to now I have briefly read through some of your messages and I am thoroughly impressed with a lot of the candidates. From what I am seeing at this moment most of you will be approved. The level of interest in my brand is astounding and I greatly appreciate it along with all of the respectful, genuine, and excited messages that I have received from you all. I am very excited to work with those of you that will be approved. I am currently unable to go through all of the applications in detail and respond to them appropriately and individually but on Monday 08/01/16 I will devote the day to running through all of the applications submitted before then.

I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for your applications and your patience while I sorted out things both with the business and in my personal life, I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you all, 

Cody L. Phillips