Changes, and why.


Hello everyone, thank you in advance to those of you that read this and gain a better understanding of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. 

Over the coming days I will be working on multiple aspects of altering this business so that it functions better and so it fits into my life better. I will explain exactly what I mean by that later in this post but first off I wanted to explain the "why" of it all.

Those of you that saw the tweet saying that changes were coming saw the hash tag #FamiliaSuperOmni. Familia Super Omni is Latin for "Family Above All". Both of my grandparents on my dad's side are at a point where they need 24/7 care due to my grandmother's advanced stage dementia and my grandfather having a stroke late last year. In accordance with their wishes they have both returned from the hospital/nursing homes to their beautiful home in the country, a perfect place for them to spend the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. To allow this to work out for them I have devoted my time to caring for them 60 hours a week over nights. Family is very important to me and I was one of the few people in our family with the freedom to take on this role. So this is where a large portion of my focus will be from now on and with this extra responsibility it is very important for me to make time in my schedule to relax and recharge but I won't just give up on this business because to me it is a very important and beneficial product for so many people. This is why the changes are going to take place.

The changes aren't all going to be immediate but some of them will take effect almost right away. These changes will be set in place in a way that allows me to still provide for all of you wonderful people and to grow this business to a level where we can help people on a global scale to protect their eyes and feel better all without putting me into personal financial strain or adding too much extra stress to my life. This will take time but I am committed to continuing to pursue this vision.

The changes: 

  • Sponsorship structure will change.
  • Product selection will be cut to focus only on our most popular style (The Prototypes) for the time being, along with a limited selection of apparel and accessories, plus one surprise item I will reveal in the future until more styles/items seem necessary and fit into the new financial model.
  • My plans for packaging and included items will change but will still retain the high level of quality that I am passionate about and feel our customers deserve.
  • Marketing will be done on a somewhat smaller scale.
  • Responses to messages, tags, and tweets may take longer. 
  • Our pricing structure will change, to the benefit of our customers. 
  • We will put a greater focus on selling products at events instead of solely online as I have a few individuals willing to help me with this and I feel that it will benefit our customers by giving them the opportunity to try on our products before committing to the purchase.
  • Financial frugality will become a more important aspect of this business.

What won't change: 

  • Our mission to be the most personable, and community driven brand in this industry.
  • Ownership structure. 
  • Customer service mentality. 
  • You will still be speaking directly to me, the Founder/Owner, any time you message us.
  • We will still offer sponsorship/partnership deals. 
  • We will still do our best to keep you informed not only on what we are doing but on things happening in the industry as well.
  • We will still offer the highest quality items available at the very best prices.
  • We will still seek to innovate and function as leaders of our industry. 
  • We will continue to step in and assist in any way possible as a voice for our customers/partners to other companies.
  • We will continue to offer advice and opinions when you ask for either. 

Thank you for all of your understanding and continued support for myself and Skreyne Eyewear, you're all awesome!