Before I announce exactly what I have planned here let me explain a little bit about this company.

Some of you already know this but this company is actually ran and operated by 1 person named Cody Phillips  [@X3Cody] and the term "we" that I use in regards to this business is done because I have a small group of advisors that help me with decisions but they aren't actually employed by the company at this time and ultimately everything that you see comes from me.

That being said I'm a fairly normal guy when it comes to my finances and I don't just have $50,000 laying around to put into this business even though I'm certain of the success and have a very solid financial plan. $50,000 is what it will take to properly start this business. I didn't want to open it up to investors because I wanted to keep the company focused on the core values without getting lost in financial greed. Operating the way that I see fit without any outside influences aside from our awesome customers and partners. Because of that I decided to go the traditional route of applying for a loan at the bank. Unfortunately the bank lacks the necessary vision to see how much of a success this will be and denied the loan.

That won't stop me one bit!  

I've come up with a solution that will be significantly more beneficial to you as customers and to me as a business owner. I will be opening up for sales shortly after this is posted. Each product will be discounted and all we need is for 1,000 people to spend $50 a piece or some figure that ends up being greater than or equal to that calculation. That's really not very many sales so I'm very confident that with your support WE can make this happen.

Obviously what we need here are sales but if you're not ready to buy yet you can make a huge impact by continually marketing Skreyne Eyewear to everyone you're connected to and encouraging them to do the same.

So here we go folks, let's make Skreyne Eyewear the new #1 name in the computer/gaming eyewear!

By the people, for the people!  !!