What sets us apart?

We often get asked the question "What sets you apart from the competition?", so today I'm creating this post to answer that very question.

Most of you that are actively searching for computer/gaming eyewear have come across our competitors and in truth we all give you the same basic product. A pair of glasses designed to protect your eyes from the harmful light emitted by your screens.

Here at Skreyne we have chosen to set ourselves apart on multiple fronts. 

We offer you more for you money:

We provide the high end styling that is commonly associated with $100+ glasses at a reasonable and affordable price point. We also include free bonus items with every order providing you with cleaning cloths, cases, lanyards, and more.

We work with multiple manufacturers on a global level to provide the best products, at the best prices, to create the best overall experience.

We are active in the community:

When you tweet, message, or email us we respond. Usually right away if possible.  

We also offer sponsorships and partnerships on a continual basis to a wide variety of individuals and teams to help further grow the community as a whole.

We do our best keep you informed with relevant information regarding topics that matter to those in the community.

We're here for you:  

As a business it's impossible for us to function without customers. We take that notion to heart and not only do we respond to tweets, messages, and emails but we respond truthfully and in full. If you ask us about sponsorships we explain the process, if you ask us which logo style we think is best for your organization we asses the options you provide and give you an honest answer or suggestions on what to do, if you need help growing your following we can assist you in doing so, if you're having issues with another business we will step in and do what we can to moderate and influence the result in your favor if they are clearly in the wrong. Those are just a few of the examples that we have already done and continue to do on a daily basis to assist individuals in the community.

We can't become #1 without you so you are the focus of our company:

Truthfully that's the long and short of it. What really sets us apart is our dedication to being the most personable, interactive, and community driven brand in the world. We're here to provide a service and an experience as well as a product. In the end everything that we do is centralized around you.