Why we offer partnerships/sponsorships

The common thought is that a company offers sponsorships only to the top teams and highest rated influencers that appeal to their target market. While we do work with individuals in these categories we also offer partnerships and sponsorships to individuals and organizations that are just starting out. Why? We do this because we believe in the community and want to do everything we can to support it. As the Founder/Owner of this company I can also say it’s a little personal as well. I started my first business in high school selling t-shirts with silly sayings on them. I made 1 sale, but thankfully the way I set it up I didn’t lose any money even though the business tanked. I didn’t stop there though. I went out and started another business. It was ok and I had a few sales but nothing great so I closed that one down too. That still wasn’t the end of it. A couple of years passed and I was working in a job I didn’t like so I quit and with nothing more than a pair of pruners I started the Midwest’s first independent vineyard service business taking care of grape vines. It was so successful that within 2 weeks I had to hire people on and was booked out through the entire season. I kept this business going for 3 years until I lost the passion and love for it that I once had and decided to do something that I knew I would love and that’s when I chose to make my dream of launching Skreyne Eyewear happen. So long story short, I know what it’s like to start small and have to grind it out to build up your brand/business/following and that is exactly why I partner with people that are just starting out with their own thing. Because I’ve been there. Our partnership/sponsorship system is and will remain constantly open. We do have specific guidelines and requirements that have to be met for us to accept someone who shows interest but we offer multiple levels so that we can allow someone with almost any size of following to join us as long as they show that they have dedication and passion for what they’re doing and show class and respect in their posts/actions. Partnerships/Sponsorships help everyone. They help us market our brand through the community and they give us the opportunity to help individuals and organizations grow as well! It’s awesome to be a part of this community and I am so excited to officially launch this so that everyone can experience the benefits of Skreyne Eyewear and so that everyone involved with our company can shoot right up to the top with us!