Our goal is also to be the most personable and interactive eyewear company on the planet while still having that edge of exclusive high end style/appearance.

Our website will be simple to navigate and look great. Our prices will be competitive. Our styles will be fashionable and comfortable. Our company will be friendly, approchable, responsive, active in the community, and we will intentionally appeal to every gender equally.

It’s not our goal to just be another company that sells gaming and computer eyewear, our goal is to be the best company that sells gaming and computer eyewear. Our central vision isn’t on selling a product, it’s more of a service to us. Primarily based on the fact that I know what it’s like to get severe eye pain and headaches from long gaming sessions or from long hours working on my computer or smartphone. These type of glasses have helped me personally so now I want to help the rest of the world experience the relief that I felt when I started using specialized eyewear.