In what a appears to be a great stroke of luck we may have already found a new supplier that is willing to work with us to get some glasses back in stock for all of you! 

I have been working ceaselessly since cutting off our last manufacturer to find someone new because I absolutely refuse to give up. We will be bringing in multiple suppliers from now on so that each supplier focuses on their speciality and so we know that if one fails we still have others that can step up and fill the gap. I am done with having my company dictated by the unprofessional actions of others.

I am rebuilding nearly everything from scratch and making it all better. When we relaunch it will be with a vengeance and with everything in order, planned, and ready to go. 

No more mistakes, no more excuses, no more problems.

We were already working to be the best in the industry and now we're going to be even better than ourselves!

Trust me, you're going to want to stick around for this!