NoScope Is Closing


I was recently informed by someone at an event that one of our primary competitors, NoScope Glasses, will be shutting down their operation to focus on their other venture Catalyst Mints. After doing some fact checking I found this to be a true statement confirmed by a few tweets on the NoScope account stating that December 31st of this year would be their last day of operations.


As an entrepreneur it is always a bit of a bummer to see any business close, regardless of the reasoning. However as they were one of our primary competitors this presents a very big opportunity for us. One that I fully intend to capitalize on by making sure we are able to offer customers a quality pair of computer/gaming glasses at an affordable price to fill the void that will be left when NoScope transitions out of business.


Our sponsorship program is also always open for anyone looking to mover their activities over to our company upon the closure of NoScope Glasses, we very gladly welcome everyone that is willing to make the move! As an added bonus with our sponsorships you will get your own unique discount code to share with your followers instead of a link that you have to embed into your content (*after completing a trial period with the link*).


We have recently been making a lot of great changes behind the scenes and it seems like this was an excellent time to do so as we are now fully prepared to take on the weight of increased customer traffic and sponsorship signups.

I wish the people behind NoScope Glasses the very best in their venture as Catalyst Mints and I look forward to welcoming all of our new customers!