Pronounced "Screen"
Screen: A light display showing active and static images.
Screen: To shield or protect.
Skreyne: Screening you from your screens!

Skreyne Eyewear was an idea in 2015 and was then formed in 2016. We are a small Midwest company located near Kansas City with massive goals.

We offer computer/gaming glasses that help to prevent headaches, eye pain, dry eyes, and insomnia that is commonly associated with extended screen usage. Screens are all around us and to most people screens are a necessity in their daily lives, whether that's for work or for entertainment. It is our belief that screening your eyes from the harmful light frequencies that your screens emit is vital to overall health and enjoyment. 

Basically I have always had issues with getting headaches and eye pain while gaming or working due to the extended screen usage. Because of that I began thinking I should come up with a way to fix it and I started wearing sunglasses while gaming. Then I found out about our main competitor and bought a pair of their glasses which, even though they were really expensive, made a world of difference and I was happy. Then I went back to their website recently and checked out their social media and was really disappointed with what I saw. Figuring that I could do things way better I decided to launch Skreyne Eyewear to help other people that have the same pains I had to avoid and remedy them without having to go broke or purchase something cheaper that looks ridiculous. From the start it has been my focus to have great looking glasses that people can actually afford and to make the buying experience even better by including free bonus items with every purchase. Along with that it is my mission to become the #1 computer/gaming eyewear company in the world by not only offering the best products but the best services as well. I intend to be the most personable, responsive, and community driven brand out there along with offering a phenomenal buying experience.
-Cody L. Phillips (Founder/Owner)

We are a company designed to offer customers high end styling that they will be proud to wear at a price that doesn't break the bank. We don't subscribe to the notion that you have to spend a ton of money to achieve quality and style or the notion that if you save money you'll be forced to wear a sub par product. Frankly that's ridiculous. We offer you an exceptional buying experience, unparalleled unboxing experience, fantastic products, affordable prices, and the very best in personalized service. That's just who we are, and who we'll always be.

We look forward to having you as a customer for years to come! Always remember to #SkreyneYourEyes!